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Install services at the development farm
1. Download the Codeplex.STSDTS.Service.wsp solution package @
2. Install the WSP at the development farm and deploy the solution globally

Install build tasks at the Team Build server
1. Download the package @
2. Unzip the installation file and run setup on the Team Build server
3. Do a next – next – finish installation

Configure TFSBuild.proj file for development build
The goal of this build is to build WSP files and install them on the SharePoint development farm. Building WSP files is skipped in this manual.
Open the TFSBuild.proj for the development build definition you are editing
Make sure this is in the top of the file:

<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath \Codeplex.STSDTS.MSBuildTasks\Codeplex.STSDTS.MSBuildTasks.targets" />

Create a farm file that holds references to the solutions that should be handled during the process:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- Solutions to deploy on farm -->
<Solution Id="B2415E4A-B35C-4742-B6E5-543CB48A0A76" FileName="Solution1.wsp"/>
<Solution Id="7DF77673-9454-401A-8DAC-09324625B0CF" FileName="Solution2.wsp"/>
<Solution Id="7C9890B2-DB0E-4B73-9DA3-DCC4039D678E" FileName="Solution3.wsp "/>

1. As the WSP files should have been created we kick in at the AfterDropBuild build target and call the InstallFarm task to upload the WSP files to the solution store that can be accessed via the web service:
<InstallFarm TeamFoundationServerUrl="$(TeamFoundationServerUrl)" BuildUri="$(BuildUri)" DeploymentServiceUrl="" UserName=" username" Password="password" Domain="domain" BinariesLocation="$(OutDir)" FarmFile="$(SolutionRoot)\farm.xml"/>

DeploymentServiceUrl: URL of the web service
Domain: Domain used to access web service
FarmFile: Location of the farm file
UserName: Username used to access web service
BinariesLocation: Location of the WSP files
Password: Password used to access web service

Now the setup is ready to use.

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